The Work I've Completed

& my official resume

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Tag Team Computing

Legacy Code Modifications — Partnered with Tag Team Computing and contracted on resolving Joomla based issues for a user importer.

Arrow Electronics

Custom Portal for Importing/exporting — Worked on a custom portal that helped the legal team with the importing/exporting of items within Arrow


Full Stack Revamp — Worked with a team of 8 to rebuild Clearancejobs from the ground up.


Dragon Hoard — A Python based bot that manages a digital currency locally on your own Discord server


Markov Chain Twitter Bot — Autonomous twitter bot that runs on a bare metal cloud instance and tweets out messages in 160 characters based upon baseball.

Global Game Jam 2018

Game Dev — Global Game Jam entry for the year of 2018


Newsletter Software — Custom newsletter emailing software. Payment functionality baked in via stripe, and the ability to use MailGun or MailChimp for mass mailing.

Land Dynamics

Proposed Work — A prototype that was created for a proposal to Land Dynamics.

Clinton Electronics

Clinton Connect — Worked on a prototype application that was a first to market and internally experimental.

Odella Company

Site Redesign — Custom Wordpress site, that featured a theme spun out of Sage starter template.


Laravel & AWS Project — PHP application built for a demo product for a company I was working for.


Bluefeather Twitter Bot — Discord bot that utilized Twitter api to be able to tweet directly from Discords command line.

Global Game Jam 2017

Game Dev — Jelly Bunny Hop was created by a team of two for the 2017 Global Game Jam, it features an HTML5 canvas with direct manipulation through pure vanilla Javascript

Altenheim Senior Services

Site Redesign — Fully custom Wordpress site, uses contact form 7, and several other free plugins as well.

Gene Slays Girls & Boys Club of St. Louis

Site Redesign — Fully custom Wordpress website. Features Payment functionalities, newsletters & subscription lists.

Foresite Elder Care

Digital Brochure — A digital brochure that was created to help advertise Foresites latest installments.

Westrich Photography

Site Redesign — Westrich Photography was built by a team of 2 out of a Wordpress template with several modifications.

Little Traverse Yacht Club

Site Redesign — Complete redesign for one of the oldest yacht clubs based out of Michigan

That's all for now, check back later for more completed work!