Dragon Hoard

Client: Personal

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Initial Run

On first run this bot will scrape all users from your server and give them all a balance of 1000 credits that are currently only usable on the server that the bot is running on.


The request command allows you to request an amount of credits from a specified user from their own balance to transfer into your balance.

!credits request username amountOfCredits

The give command allows you to give an ammount of credits from your own balance into a specified user balance.

!credits give username amountOfCredits

The destroy command permanently deletes credits in your personal balance and reduces the pool of credits on the server.

!credits destroy amountOfCredits

TODO: description of rob

!credits rob username amountOfCredits



install discord.py
Dragon hoard runs on forked version of version of discord.py referred to as "the rewrite" which has must have pip installed to use.


Then you can run the following command to get discord.py:

python3 -m pip install -U git+https://github.com/Rapptz/discord.py@rewrite

private key
In private_key.py, find and replace token with your discord token.

nano private_key.py