White Elephant Gift Exchange - Redux

Published in Culture on Jan 8, 2021

The classic game of white elephant can be played under many rule sets, but I recently was in a game that lit me afire to solve the issue of unfairness in the game.

The concept isn't necesarily simple but if you stick with it the rules should play better than a traditional white elephant.

Assemble your group into an absolute circle and place the presents on top of the

Place all the presents in the middle on top of the table.

Starting clockwise there begins a roll off. The roll off is set to be determined on who roled the highest. If anyone ties, have them role again. If there's a group of 2+, they all participate in a singular roll off together. If they tie again, loop that process until everyone has earned their place. (These numbers will be important later, please remember your position)

Now with the person that won the top roll off, they will start by picking a present and then rotate clockwise. Every person after them as well will pick a present, and then rotate clockwise until every present is off the table.

Once every present is off the table, start from person who rolled lowest and go counter clockwise. This person has the option to either take or trade a present with someone. Repeat this process for 3 rotations.

Starting from the person who rolled the highest they now have the ability to steal a present, but only if they don't have a present. The present they choose must be from someone who has 2 presents. Repeat this until you get to the person who rolled the lowest.

Once that has completely resolved, if there's anyone who is unhappy with their final present they may challenge someone to a duel.

The stipulations of the duel are simple, you may accept or decline a duel as many times as you'd like. If you lose the duel you die in the game. The loser must give their present to the winner.

The duel can be any game devised by the 2 individuals, that isn't terribly hard to accomodate or create in the current setting.

IE: Rock Paper Scissors, Tic Tac Toe, Connect 4, battleships, throwing a piece of paper into a bin etc...

If the 2 individuals agree to the duel, they will battle it out for each others prizes. However if one user doesn't agree, the duel will not occur. (Possibility to force users to duel if they come up a with a game)

If the user who wins the duel, wants to attempt to duel someone else then that is permitted. However once that individual who is dueling dies they lose all their presents that they have gained.

Once all duels resolve, we move onto the final stage. The gifting stage. If you have an additional present, you may gift it to someone who doesn't have a present.

That in total is the described white elephant.